It's not the here and now that hurts
as much as the lasting eternity,
an exasperated existence without you.

Knowing that in all the years to come,
I will still wake and still you won't be there,
sends pangs of pain through my heart

In due time we'll see our relationship
as a transitory thing, but true,
The effects of your essence never ephermal.

we are too young to know what is forever,
and yet I managed to choose one,
a forever without each other.

Faced with grave garish choices,
I chose the one least nightmarish,
and still woke in a cold sweat, lacking you.

A pressured parting of paths,
left my dutiful heart divided,
and stifled my stiffened body with sorrow.

Lamenting you and our lost forever,
grieveing for my still living girlfriend.
Bereaved of my beautiful girl with a black guitar.

The End

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