Knowing tonight is the last,
that I'll ever hear from you,
leaves me broken.

I uttered those fatal words,
and destroyed everything we had,
I had the choice

A choice too hard to make,
that should never be wished
on anyone.

The night was filled with wailing,
a screaming terror, never hearing
from you again.

Dawn broke the hallowed darkness,
and brought restless sobs and tears.
You're gone

I hurt both you and me,
I never wante you to have any
pain, I wanted to protect.

Instead my role in this fateful play
was to be the very knife which
pierced you, my love.

This bleak first of many,
days eternal without you
a grievous day.

I hiope you heal, live and love,
and let yourself let me go.
I'm sorry.

You should know I'll never forget,
never stop loving you, I gave you my
heart Shannon.

The End

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