Illogical and 3,8,12


Most men are logical.
Love is not logical but emotional.
Most men then, when it comes
to love are logically illogical.


I need you more now
than ever before,
you're further away
than we ever thought possible.

With a lump in my throat
tracks down mt cheeks
and red eyes brimming again
I sit, wondering, hoping.

"I wish you were the pillow too"
the one drenched with tears
the one clenched to my chest
the one I can tell anything to.

I scratched and punched,
but nothing could portray
on my skin exactly
the pain I felt inside.

Flashing images, your face,
and whispered memories, your voice.
Witty words and tender tones
those sweet syllables, I miss.

I'm sorry I had to make sure,
but you now know why,
I'm gambling everything for you,
I need you to wait, wait for me.

There are hopes and dreams,
that we can still fulfil.
I made promises . . . bets.
I plan to keep them and pay.

Tonight I lost you, apparently,
but the long wait ahead makes
it feel all too real.
There was only twelve days.

I Dream,
I Hope,
I Miss,
I Love.

The End

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