I hope I end up with her,
though I know I won't,
hope she loves me back,
though I know she don't

I'm back in perspective,
my thinking's back straight,
I'm thinking, reflective, and
know it's all down to fate

I see her face again,
see her beauty from afar,
chased after by men,
shining radiant, like a star

and it's just not fair
she's young and naive,
she'll fall to their snare,
their lies she'll believe,

all I want is one chance,
just give it to me,
a chance to romance,
show you all I can be

but she's up so high,
I know she's untouchable,
heave a big sigh,
I'm not uncrushable

you throw me a rope,
my heart starts to race,
it grows anew, hope,
'cause of that smile on your face

I was shrouded in mist,
you were my redemption,
then we first kissed,
we lived with a passion,

you came from above,
this is all I wanted to say,
I'm happy I hoped and loved
and we ended up this way

The End

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