To die for

So this is pain ?

I see my wrist bleeding my life away.

And yet the pain is less than this heart can take.

I felt too much,too soon.

What a fool to think you cared!

The light that shines throught the bathroom tiles seem so far away...

No strenght or willpower to overcome this void,that is life.

The need to let go and sleep forever more.

And in flash backs i see the story of us before the eyes that slowly lose their light.

How happy we were.

Was it real?Is anything real anymore?

I didn`t left you a note.

When you walk in tonight and turn the light,you will see me here,dead.

And one of my last thoughts is,was our love to die for ?


There is a path that leads out of the bathroom it shows a life fading away.It tells a story of a young woman who for obvious reason has given up on life.Her blood is the path.

Sometimes,to live is not to live...

The End

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