Poems of Death

"My Little Rose"

I hold her tightly in my arms
As her eyes start to close.
The sickness has got her now
My sweet little Rose.

"I love you, Dad," she says to me
"Please stay here by my side,
You... seem to be fading away,"
A part inside my died.

"Just rest your eyes," my soothing voice
"It's time to go to sleep.
Have very sweet dreams, my dear,"
I struggle not to weep.

"Goodnight," she sighs and takes my hand,
"I was so scared 'til now,
But you have made me fear no more..."
The tension leaves her brow.

She is gone I start to cry
And kiss beside her nose.
"I will strive to make you proud.
Goodnight, my little Rose."

The End

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