Nightmare girl

You stand there,

nightmare girl

Standing with your face hidden 

Standing in the darkness 

Starring once again

Starring at the nothing

Starring into space

Walking forward 

But staying in one place

Your hand, you reach out

You reach, you stretch for me

The evil in your eyes

That I can not yet see

The moan the groans

The screams of victims past

Once standing still

Now running at me fast

Nightmare girl

Don't hurt me now

I plead, I beg

I kneel and bow

Nightmare girl

Don't take me away

Show some mercy 

Let me see the day

For night you rome 

At night you kill

And this one night

My blood, you'll spill

Nightmare girl

I saw your face

I saw the killer

In this empty place

I look 

And I stare 

I know that stranger

Standing there

I know that face

I know who you are

Up close I see you 

But not from afar 

Your eyes were sane 

And your lips just like all

You looked as guiltless

As I last recall

Nightmare girl

I feel no fear

Now that I see you

Things are clear

For I've seen you once

And many times more

My reflection my mirror

That's what I saw 

The End

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