My Lame Excuse For A Love Poem

[Okay, I wrote this poem on the 8th September 2009, so please don't judge too much. I've practised and I have improved since then...I hope. Plus I don't really write love poems. :P]

Love can be
Good or bad
The things you have
The things you had
Whether it's your
Deepest desire
Or something that
Can inspire

There are times
When you seem to glow
Other times
Cold as snow
Something that you
Long to preserve
Or you feel that
You don't deserve

Sometimes you're lucky
Other times not
You ponder about
What you haven't got
But love is a gift
A kind of spell
Sometimes its heaven
Sometimes its hell

But one thing you must
Never forget:
If you think you know love
You know nothing yet!

The End

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