I write
Not for people,
not for others
though if it gives them joy then its a plus.
I write because the words demand it
my fingers itch until I plant them
upon the page, upon the keyboard
so they can flow free once more.

I write
to remember
and to forget
To calm myself in silent anger
Shout to a world that never listens
To fade into the background
like an old forgotten page
And to know just
who I am

I write
to tell
of the way their laugh sounded
the first time I heard it
The feel of a heart slowly
fixing itself up
the way a colour reminds me
of a time that has long since gone.

I write
to say
how the sound of a broken scream sounds
when there is no one there to hear
the feel of tears escaping
when you can laugh no more
and the way a silent night can
remind you of the things you think you’ve lost.

I write
to remind myself
there are things I cannot change
like the clock only moving forwards
like the regrets that are behind me 
but what I can change is how I cope with them
how I etch them all out
tattooing them onto a page.

The End

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