my mind is buzzing
with what I'd say
If I could find the words.
The words to say
A thousand things
Words that come from the heart.

But when I look
Into your eyes
My words all melt away.
I stare at you
In silence
With nothing left to say.

Does this sound
like a love poem?
I promise you, its not
This is what happened
every time
I try to make a sound.

People think that
'Shy' is cute.
Adorable to see
But if you put
yourself in shy shoes
You see its not all 'fun'.

I cannot talk
Or start to speak
To friends and stragers alike
For fear stops me
shuts me down
and shyness takes its place.

And when you cannot talk
To people that you know
Insults start to spread from them:
Friget- Does not hug or touch
Thinks shes so much better
She is too good for talking.

And when I hear
Harsh words and whispers
I wonder to myself...
If people think
Of things like that...
No wonder I am shy.

The End

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