Not So Perfect

I have been writing so much recently, I thought I would start putting them all in one collection.
This is me- my thoughts, my feelings, who I am...written in words

I look in the mirror and all I see

Is the reflection of a girl that's not me.

A painted mask, a smile so bright

hair that's pretty and perfect and light.

And to the outside world it seems,

This is the girl from everyone's dreams.

But her eyes tell a different tale,

they show the hidden and the frail

But no one seems to look that close

Or maybe they would rather not know

That underneath the perfect face

The girl lives in a darker place.

In the mirror, she looks back at me

And I already know what she will see

A frozen mask, no happy smile

I gave up trying: its been a while

For the world sees what it wants to believe:

They see the girl in the mirror, but they don't see me.

The End

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