Mental or Physical

I feel as though my mental unrest is manifesting as physical aches and illnesses.

Since discussion between my friends and I started in relation to a subject I cannot discuss, I have found myself unable to focus, a trapped nerve in my shoulder, numbness in my arm and a pain in the back of my neck. 

However it could be that particular subject...

Nearly two weeks has passed, or more like eight days since. If only I could forget you as easily as I could others, why are you so different? You make me feel special, yet so does he, and he's allowed too. You're not, which makes it wrong, to his eyes the most. 

Maybe this is where my mental block has come from. Maybe you're the root of my problems, but I was having writer's block before this with you happened. 

I think I've lost my imagination to everyday banality, to the aches and pains of the real world. I can't escape like I used to...

I don't know if that's good or bad....

The End

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