Lets Not Forget Family

So I've realised..I never mention my family.

My stepbrother appeared again last week and took over the house with his fiancee and baby, I don't mind but for the fact that I can't even go into my own room anymore, and have been relocated to the caravan for the time being.

He always seems to cause arguments. He isn't able to eat what he wants recently and as a result has been taking out his frustration on our younger sister, while lavishing attention on the baby and myself; his 'favourite' sister.  I wouldn't encourage it as much if my Mother didn't show such favouritism to her over me.

But then I'm used to being the middle child, what with my oldest brother with a new family and always getting into trouble before that, my second brother, her first born, a genius at University and in her mind, unable to cope without seeing her every weekend, and my youngest sister, daughter of the love of her life (ech) and social inept to a degree that I'm embarrassed for her everytime we go out, even moreso than a usual teenage aversion to being seen with family members.

And then there's me; didn't get the best grades at GSCE, failed out of three out of four of my A-levels and now doing another 'waste of time' course about Media. I argue, and when I'm not, I'm curled up on a chair with my laptop or a book.

Maybe she's threatened by how much I stand against her, the fact that I know that she isn't going to keep the promises she makes and is going to end up living in her chair in front of the TV surrounded by cats, until the day she dies and is eaten by them....Umm, I didn't mean that...my sister will never leave home and will look after her.

The End

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