On 4th Dec, 2011.

This day has come again,
Twice it came before.
Two years it has been,
We shall experience many more.

To be very honest
Words cannot express
This loss we all feel,
How we feel the stress.

This poem cannot help,
It cannot describe
How you meant to us
And our shock when you died.

It is not misery,
Despite you know we cared.
Mystery upon mystery,
It is a feeling we share.

You know we love you Nana,
Loved, love and will love.
Cherished as a husband and Baba, (Father)
May you live happily above.

No similies in this poem,
No figurative language or metaphors,
No need to change the words,
Who said it could describe more?

I express my feelings through
Poems, songs, and duas. (Prayers)
None seem quite right,
But they must all do.

Because they are just triggers
Of your memories.
My real image of you is
Kept in my mind to stay sweet.

The End

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