(Full version) The poem that lived


Broccoli so sweet,      

One to meet

One to console

When my isn't whole.

Time to dine,

With you so divine.

No time to spare,

No love to compare.

No word you speak,

Will cure this leak,

Of love so pure,


It's become quite clear,

I need you dear.

Sweeter than pie,

The apple of my eye.

A middsummers dream,

You are not what you seem.

Clearer and Clearer,

Our hearts become nearer.

Oh broccoli I do,

Give unto you,

A literary piece,

For love never cease.

Kept in my heart,

We are never apart.

This sweet serenade,

Like lemonade.

When you grow old I will be your carer,

From you future loving wife,


The End

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