Our Morning Walk ....

We went for our usual morning walk

Mom brough her 'phone so she could talk

To other people, she needs to you see

But - Hey, look - there's a tree!

And - Oooh, what's that? A bird I spy

If I run really fast do you think I could fly?

And here's some grass that I'll just have to chew

And - look, there's a puddle.

I'll have to walk through.

Ooh - something moved. What is that?

It's awfully skinny if that is a cat!

No - it's a squirrel. And it's running away

Great, I'll chase it, it must want to play.


Drat! It's run up that tree and sat on a branch

I can't get up there - absolutely no chance!

I'll just sniff around for a bit and - Oooh!

Is that a fox I can small? That is so cool!

But it's no longer here What else can I find?

Anything will do, I really don't mind


Was that Mom call? What was it she said?

Prick up my ears and pick up my head

Oh great, look at that - she's holding a ball

Now that's just the best reason to heed her call.

Chasing a ball!  - Oh what joy! - Oh what fun!

It really is something that just has to be done .......


The End

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