The Guide Dog

A seeing eye dog, quiet and calm

Gives a gentle nudge, no major alarm

As, beside his master, they negotiate the curbs

Of roads that lead through tree lined suburbs


But this faithful companion is so much more

As he patiently waits at every door

Opening up the world for the blind to explore

Making safe the dangers that the sighted ignore.



The disabled enabled by this selfless friend

Whose love and devotion knows no end

As he leads his master to the safest path

He knows no temper, knows no wrath


Just loving souls who aim to please

They learn their lessons in simple degrees

Turn to the left, turn to the right

Be a guide to those who have no sight


So these words go out to remind us all

How easy it is for misfortune to befall

And lest we should forget, as we pass in the street

To use the respect with which we should treat

These are canine heros, whose devotion ensures

That the blind are no longer confined or ignored 


The End

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