Poems for funMature

just some poems i made in my spear time

who told you that a knife was just for fun that every gun would make you tough or showed you blood was good for a sweet taste who heard of lies that never end that hiding away was for the best even say cheating was so great who burned those things into your brain your innocence stolen away tell me who took it all away those fateful tears now fill the streets with distant fears that hopefully will waste away when love is near

my insanity finds that these days are a daze that my life is turning sane how come i feel so fine when we arent talking divine things feel so strange when im not talking to you i wonder if your kiss would feel as good as the heavens is said to be filled with wine your sweet nature takes over as we go back in time i keep thinking there might have been something i left behind but how would i know when my thoughts arent focused on life i sometimes feel your kiss will break the walls of my stupid design im wondering if i can go back to be a better friend tonight

my mind is tearing up i hate you so damn much your words make me feel so fucking worse you couldnt figure out how to help me if my heart was in danger of breaking up i feel we're spilting up but still i love you enough to hold you close till sweet deaths end i wanted you to understand though instead you assume the very worse i always want you to stay but rather you would let me go without a word just a glaring stare as you walk away so in the end i say fuck you all you do is point out all my flaws while i hold my tongue about everything i think is wrong with you i play the victim very well though it doesnt mean i wasnt hurt too or less then you i still wonder was it ever true that you accepted me like how i accepted you im going mad feeling insane my emotions are rage as i scream out curse words towards your way and you cant see that im in pain your taking me for granted it doesnt seem very fair your being such a bitch when the one who was being hurt was really me i know everything i say to you might have you think im saying things that smell like bs though in the end im the one who'll die without the life i was working toward while you move on with a small scar hidden away and a smile on your smug face between us theres nothing really fair 

The End

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