opening my eyes to close them again

i wish that dream didn't have to end

on that note just before

i let you walk out that door

if i could just fall back asleep

relive memories and maybe keep

just one moment frozen in place

to have more time to look at your face

and have one last kiss to taste

before you leave without a trace

me behind for what i don't know

off to a place where i cannot go

hidden from me where i belong

one day with you and i'm not wrong

but how can someone who loved you so

abandon you with nowhere to go

crying on the floor and so alone

to the point where your house isn't a home

people said i was the sweetest girl ever

whatever now i'm just under the weather

i scream for help yet don't get a call

for me except a friend wrote on their wall

with blood saying i will miss you all

but mainly savanah most of all

i'm going to miss you girl this is for you

but girlie not only that know i'm sorry too

i just didn't realize until it was too late

that God has a plan and this is all fate

but i could kill myself right now and die

but that won't get me to Heaven in the sky

easily i could make up a reason so

i could leave this place say it was my turn to go

but that would just be disappointing my friend

she said not to be like her when she went

The End

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