can i take your hand again

lead you somewhere you've never been

father than the moon and stars

and that place is my heart

tell me do you want to go

to a place where my feelings show

i'll see yours and you'll see mine

won't you come with me my valentine

purple tree and bumble bees

can all change different colors for me

i'm getting tired of green you said

so you went and made the grass turn red

so many things to do i sighed

but i think i'll watch the clouds go by

and you sat down to watch them too

said i'm so glad to be here with you

let's go off together where we can change the weather

make the cloudy sky turn green and blue

in a wonderland just me and you

they say happiness can't be a thing

so why was i sad out of this swing

but when i can see him and he can see me

its clear that happiness is whatever you want it to be

The End

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