when i have to go along

i listen to my favorite song

over and over again

i know it can't give me back my boyfriend

alot of things to explore

search hard enough and find a door

it might lead to another place

but i'll always remember your face

i know where i'm going but please don't follow

the road behind me is what made me hollow

for after hearing almost no sound

you take the silence with you back on the ground

when you have to always move

there's not much left you can do

so wish me luck to brave the world

hope and pray that something better unfurls

feeling the wind in my hair

i never ever want to ge there

as landscape passes swiftly by

i shed a tear and look at the sky

going back to where i came

will not ever be the same

because with absolutely no fame

no one will ever remember my name

when is all that i had

then it leaves me like a fad

i miss because i am gone

while everyone forgets me and moves on

riding away and spending time

stopping shortly to find a dime

swerving between to and fro

lanes of traffic that will never go

back to where i see shooting stars

because thats where you'll be and i belong where you are

The End

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