your outcome

people are expecting alot from me

but i don't mind

they say i'm not blind but i can't see

what they want me to find

keeping secrets isnt very hard

it's who you trust them with

but can i be relied on to be a part

of something i'm not in

life can punch you in the gut

but you ever dare give up

if you awake to your wrists cut

then go and heal them up

when you know you have enemies just be proud

you stood up for yourself once in your life

so you're not a wimp good take a bow

keep walking with your head held high

when magic becomes reality and you don't know what to do

you can come to me whenever you want and i'll help you through

it's not easy to be alone when you're scared and stressed too

but i guess in the end the outcome is always up to you

The End

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