guess who

you're funy and smart

plus you stole my heart

maybe this was all meant to be

you followed me around

lifted me off the ground

kept staying when everybody else leaved

you took my hand

and lead me to a fountain

said i can make your wishes come true

and i said really

you know all i want is for you to save me

to have just one more night with you

here's to you and what we've been through

hands over my eyes someone asks 'guess who'

i say i don't know

is it a friend or my foe

either way you say you don't have plans tonight

'cause we've got to get going if i'm going to have you back by sunrise

most girls don't write songs you know

but that's just the way life goes

but without you there wouldn't be anything to write about

i love you and i'm glad you love me too

'cause i want to spend all my time with you

let's go this waiting's making me want to scream out loud 

The End

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