Friend Ship

The boat that takes you across the seas

Over the grass, through the trees

A journey with the people that are

Who you wished for on that falling star

That gave you the notion to long for someone

Who you could love, and with have lots of fun

A person who cared whether you where there

Got you presents, told you what not to where

Showed you where the grass turned green

Has seen most of what you have seen

A perfect partner all the time for

When you get lost, and can’t find a door

Out of your troubles, out of your doubts

They cheer you up and take you out

For ice cream and to make memories

Ending up chased by ants through the trees

And across the seas you ride the wave

Explore the mountains, search a cave

Then blinking hard to focus your eyes

You hear the frustrated and smallest of sighs

While finding yourself in another place

Familiar and different with a different face

But beside you for the same reason at first

Making you try two dresses deciding which one looks worse

And twirling around to let her see

I find a new person beside of me

Someone I haven’t gotten to know yet

But I know it’s something I won’t regret

Because finding another person as this

Is a God given gift, I am so blessed

That over the grass they will wait for me

Beautiful, wonderful, anyone can see

The people who’ve been there through thick and thin

The people I love, who let me in

They helped me in life before I saw that star

That gave me these some ones who with I got this far

We’ve smiled and laughed and cried on this boat

And somehow it has still stayed afloat

Despite the tears that have tried to sink us

But we throw the weigh overboard because

To these special persons I’m talking about

My mistakes are nothing, I have no doubt

In my mind that those fights don’t matter

When looking back down that long latter

That I’ve climbed to get to here

And to you all, drawn very near

A value in life that we all need

When you are young, they water your seed

Helping you to grow up big and strong

Even if you don’t get to take them along

These people can be here and gone like the winds

 So I cherish them and call them my friends

Thank you all for being here

For being here, year after year

I’m so filled with love that I just might rip

But that’s ok, ‘cause you’re on my Friend Ship

The End

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