what happens when you're sad and scared

looking around but noone's there

you're alone with yourself and walking around

you keep calling out but don't here a sound

trapped in a maze trying to find a way out

wondering what life is all about

spinning in circles and falling down

wishing that you could once be found

wanting to scream and can't find a voice

i don't want to go but don't have a choice

listening hard but can't hear the call

wondering if you're even there at all

why did you make it that i can't see

that you're still here beside of me

feels like you're gone and won't come back

i've lost my way please get me on track

am i really invisible to eveyone

i think i am finished but my life's just begun

will i ever be real not fake

strong as stone and unable to brake

or tear at the seams that are coming apart

maybe not have such a broken heart

that throbs with every breath i take

too painful for a dream so i must be awake

in this cruel place that we call earth

that makes you own up to what you're worth

in what you've done not who you are

a day so long while the future's not far

who knows now where i'm at

a baseball game and it's my turn to bat

they tell me to swing but i just cant move

this isn't my game and i've nothing to prove

to them what they want to see

is a conformist girl not the real me

with the same piece in the big puzzle

they want you restrained with no trouble

they discard who you are and don't even care

make you invisible like you were never there

mold you to fit their liking for

an insignificants and nothing more

has anybody else been left behind

i don't know what i'm looking for or what i'll find

along the road that life has made

for me plus my debts been paid

by Jesus Christ my Savior Lord

that's who i love and am living for

he comforts and helps me on my way

and tells me exactly what to say

at a crossroads where i'll be

broken down or just plain me

here for all the world to see

100% myself and completely free

binds been broken by the blood of Jesus

who takes us in even on our knees 'cause

he has given his life for you

nothing in the world could make that not true

he said i'll die for everyone

the Savior Christ the Chosen One

he humbled himself in God's eyes

and because of him sin now dies

and never comes back if you ask for forgiveness

be saved in Christ and you'll get to witness

forever with the one who saved

us sinners from the eternal grave

The End

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