what none will ever hear is exactly what they fear

hallways and corridors always so crowded
people moving everywhere while i sit still astounded
and no matter just how many times that i c a face
it does nothing to the fact that i don't belong in this place

i was lost with no reason to be found again
surrounded by so many people but not one of them my friend
noone ever bothered to cross into my lane
to see what all ive been through, to understand my pain

Chorus: when will they know i am here
and will they ever see that tear
thats forever stained my face
from being here in this place

teenagers in a basketball gym
oh how she wants to play with them
christians being hypocrites is a sad truth
especially when those hypocrites are youth

young girl just fourteen way too used to being alone
she puts on a smile for me but i know her house isn't a home
and when someone asks how she is that day
the answer is always, "I will be ok...." Chorus

so while i sit alone, watching everything pass me by....i just might cry
The End

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