come back

i look your way
knowing there's nothing i could say
that could ever make us ok
i don't really care
but i cant go anywhere
without someones stare
i just have to pretend its not there
all our time, spent now gone
he came and went, but i cant move on

come back to me
i need you, you see
you're the key
to stopping this misery
alone at night
always in a fight
lost the light
away from anyone's sight
maybe it is best
if we can forget the rest

Chorus:keep going over what you said
words poisoning me like lead
thoughts keep spinnin' round my head
when i can't sleep at night in bed
without you by my side
i feel so dark inside
im already on my knees
wont you help me please
take the pain no one sees
and put the agony at ease

in the empty space
i see your face
you left without a trace
now my hearts at a slower pace
im on the floor
wondering just exactly what im here for
cant ignore
how much i need you even more
without you here
my vision is so unclear Chorus

come back to me
i miss you desparately
when you were here i couldnt see
that the happiness i felt would cost me....Chorus

The End

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