tired of you (remade into semi-song, really bad)

im walkin in the rain
i cannot feel a thing
theres no point in lookin back
ive done enough of that
you vowed to meet me there
and take me off somewhere
you said youre moving on
don worry she is gone
ill kiss away that tear
and make your vision clear
i guess i was a fool
didnt see i was a tool

Chorus:but u know im tired of you
im not gonna keep going through what ive been going through
because i dont know you
and u know i see what you do
you say somethings not a lie
but at the same time
u know its not true

i guess ill be alright
with giving up this fight
didnt know itd be this hard
to play the leaving card
and now im all alone
with my best frend on the phone
she said you were a mess
and that going was the best
but now i do regret
leaving you upset
cause i wish i didnt end
i want you my best frend Chorus

but i cant keep waiting on you to turn into somebody else
and i cant waste my time standing by myself
its like i don fit with you and the peices keep coming out
no matter how hard i try i keep breaking down
baby what do you wanna do
cause i don think i belong with you Chorus
The End

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