Riding away and spending time
Stopping shortly, finding a dime
When riding in a car there’s not much to do
But sit and look and breathe through
The endless age of going along
And listening to a favorite song
Over and over and over again
But hearing it won’t give me back my friends
I got in the car to go away
There’s nothing I could do or say
When going on to brave the world
And finding beauty as life unfurls
Swerving between, to and fro
The lanes of traffic that never go
Over portholes and going fast
Two hours of driving isn’t a blast
On the highway waving goodbye
Are all the people that never asked why
Endless stuff to think and explore
If you listen to life you’ll find a door
Leading to other places
Where I’ll see other faces
That I remember on these trips
And think about, their names on my lips
I know where I’m going with no need to follow
But the road behind me is why I am hollow
Hearing nothing but silent sound
I’ll take it with me back on the ground
Feeling the wind in my hair
Wanting to maybe never get there
Landscape passing swiftly by
I gaze until I can’t, then sigh
Going back to where I came
Will never ever be the same
Because with no reputation or fame
No one remembers your name
The speed is nice till that’s all you had
Then it leaves just like a fad
You miss because you’re so far gone
And everyone forgets you and just moves on

The End

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