stuck in drama class (song haha)

friends getting hurt or shoved to the ground
when a heart breaks it doesnt make a sound
public schools suck plus most are on crack
keeping friends close while stabbing them in the back

Chorus:stuck in the middle of drama class
you realize you dont know where youre at
if this is what highschool's cracked up to be
then i want out here i cant be me
when acts start coming out of the plays
you look back seeing only better days
and then you find the place youre at
only to realize youre stuck in drama class

populars always pushing girls around
in the end are broken on the ground
the aftermath is mostly worse than youd think
and the victors are usually pretty in pink

the prom queen is evil yeah you know
and the perfect girl mask is only a show
dont give up your dignity to be a cool kid
cause it only means getting caught acting stupid Chorus
The End

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