my shoes

so deppressed stuck in this mess
too tired to rest possibly i guess
many things i dont want to admit
making me search for a new outlit
people yelling trying to get through
the fact they dont get is i dont want them to
if i could get over this speed hump
get motivation out of this dump
then ill figure out why and when
i ever got in the position im in

Chorus:noone knows what its like to be me
so why dont you put on my shoes and see
and i guess ill be you give me your shoes
lets go out and see what its like to
feel my pain while ill feel yours
well walk through eachothers wars

everybodies worried especially my friends
sadly you dont care whenever sadness wins
some wont see what ive had to swallow
and never understand why i sit back and wallow
in something that they call sorrow
but ill still be one tough act to follow
im here today might be gone tomorrow
the time keeps passing and leaves me hollow Chorus

when i walk into a room everyone looks at me
and i keep wondering what they see
because i dont want attention but to be like you
but i just dont blend with the rest of the room
weve got to take the cards were dealt
and flip them cause noone will help
u could stay put and whine and moan
or take control and make it your own
my life is something only i will witness
because where you sit i know it looks different
and i will after walking a mile in my shoes at least
i wear eights you wear fives and we both know you cant fit your feet Chorus
ill rather feel your pain but youll feel mine
and im sorry you went into my mind
but maybe just maybe you did see
what kind of person my shoes made me
The End

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