If there was no God, what would there be?

Well, there wouldn't be faith, grace, peace,

or love to spread and relieve

the pain of life from you and me.


We'd all be lifeless and wandering around,

stumbling through the earth; lost, not found.

There'd be no heaven and we'd be dirt bound,

only ascending into the ground.

Without love to satisfy,

what would we seek as we cry

to stop the rain falling inside?

We'd search for something else to try...


Trying to fufill our lives alone.

Looking in the dark, not to God's throne.

With no more honor for us to own,

we would be stranded without a home.


Home, the word that takes un in.

Gives us shelter to reside again

in safety with people who too have sinned.

Perhaps that you can call your friends.


But how do you make friends without any love?

How do you make something that came from above?

Flying up high like the pure white dove;

that somehow is always more than enough...

I think we all know that this isn't quite right,

because what would living be if dark didn't have light?

If we didn't have a purpose to keep standing and fight,

if we didn't have God to talk to at night?

So ask me what love is and I will ask you

if God wasn't here would we be here too?

And if you scoff at the Lord and need proof,

then all I can say is that love is the truth.




The End

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