so drepressed, in a mess, don't sleep or bother to get dressed, it's just the same stuff looking foward anyway, why should i sacrifice my time, my day, if no one else is, if i'm the only one, with sense enough to learn how to have fun, by myself, i'd rather burn in hell, for the rest of my days but i can't tell, you why that is, well-

anybody else feel like this? got someone you just miss so much you forget how to breathe, because only their presence can set you free, but they won't stop going away, or just stay with your until asleep, to leave in the night, no i hav to go in the day make this thing more painful than it has to be, please, you really care about me?-

 they don't know that i suffer so, they phone, but u miss the call and try to call back, but the fact is it's too late for any of that, so you pound your pillow, drown in this deep cold, but no ones there to hear or scream, wake you from your nightmare, or was it a dream, yes a beautiful dream, the one you know everyone wants, but not on these conditions, not to be caught, in your own mind and have to witness, being with them, them being with you, cause when it's through, youre always gonna want it back and theres nothing you can do about it, shmit 

The End

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