Poems by a grrl

these are just some random things i wrote down, well some not so random, but hope you like them! ;)

im waiting on the dock
been looking at the clock
shouldve known you wouldnt show
that was clear an hour ago
im breathing in the wind
and wishing for a friend
to come and find me here
before i shed a tear
the ocean smells like salt
whispering its not my fault
but i have to disagree
plus my past agrees with me
how did i get here
trapped in all this fear
now ill always be haunted
that this is what you wanted 
and everyone can see
what you did to me
theres no point to deny
what i cannot hide 
but you dont even care
i was probably just a dare
a dog that you could lead 
how could i not see 
whats the point of life
if all you do is fight
stabbed in the back, pushed around 
alone here broken on the ground
i never wanted the part
of the girl with a bleeding heart
but i guess its all too late
because i can already feel the ache
that suffocates at night                                                                                                              makes you shivering with fright                                                                                               staying strong is hard
when you dont have good cards 
but i wouldnt ask for another hand
that would mean giving up my stand
that ive made no thanks to you
because you have absolutely no clue
just what ive been through
because of you
thanks alot for the ride
now go away so i can hide
and think of all the betters days
when we were tight and i could say
i know him the best of all
but now all i know is you wont call
because im just another girl
living in the high school world
that is despensible to you
bros before hoes through and through
all the reputations people build
making you a minion without a will
so just step back and let go
and make sure to be yourself so
when at last all else ends
youll still have your friends
that pick you up when you cant stand 
and stay with you to lend a hand
when you cant walk on your own
and you can talk with on the phone
about all the things that he did 
theyll help you move on and forget it happened

The End

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