Poems and such

Basically I decided to write some poems..... yup.

What vigor do I possess?

In the eclipse that is the pith of my soul,

I feel only disease.

Yearning now becomes me—

I am my own garroter.


What vigor do I control?

I saw you there,

Your incandescent smile, warming me.

Consuming me.

Immortality now becomes you—

Asphyxiates me.


What vigor do I recognize?

The vast expansion of my heart—

Did you feel it too?

Closing vehemently on my soul.

For now you are my adversary,

Only to meet me in repose.


With what vigor I posses—

I take what ardor’s left.

I know only your aura.

Promising now lavishes me.

I am now your garroter.


With what vigor I control—

I step to the sun,

It can never warm me.

Know me.

Perseverance now becomes me—

Hunts you.


With that vigor I now recognize—

I will pierce the valley of your humanity,

I will feel it too.

Thus ends the suffering of your soul.

For we were once in one beat,

Now never to see heaven.

The End

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