An Ode

Guys who know they look good are vile

Steeped in nothing but hard-earned guile

And bearing a villain's toothy smile

No thank you!


Give me shyness and sweet stares

Words of love, murmured into my hair

And nothing but being treated good and fair

Now that's my cup of tea


The smiles of aware men are hollow

Eyes already on the next catch, and what follows

Is sad-eyed girls who try to wallow

In the muck of a would-be swain

How profane


Shy boys are the best, you see

Have patience and soon you'll find that

A passion untold hides behind

That hesitant smile

And that is definitely worth my while


Sweet and kind, positive of mind

My love, you are the best of finds

And to say that you are only mine

Why luck must be on my side


The End

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