Hole in my Head

When I was a child I used to dream

That the world was much more than it seemed

Around each corner, and adventure would await

Unicorns, dragons, and things that couldn't wait

To swallow a small girl like me


But as the years went on I began to forget

And then I learned the meaning of regret

And the world lost all of its' mystery

Sometimes I wonder if that big adventure

Even really existed



As I grow older, I lose more and more

Of that bolder kid I use to be

I forgot to keep trying

To keep my soul from dying

The death that comes when you grow up


Sometimes I feel, like I'm stuck on a wheel

And the me I used to be is escaping

And eventually I'll just be aping

The mannerisms of who I used to be

And the sad part is no one will even see



As the wheel keeps spinning

The child in me is thinning

And leaking through that

Hole in my head



How do adults keep living

With their innards leaking

From that hole in their heads?

It's a sad state of affairs when

Your mind runs out air



As that wheel keeps turning

The inner me is yearning

To close that

Hole in my head



It might seem odd to the others

But I doubt it will bother me

if I'm the only

adult whose head isn't holy

and still climb trees


 The wheel stops spinning

And and I think I'm winning

This war against

That hole in my head

The End

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