How Ben Saved The Day

Yakov and Ben got on like a house on fire,

They explored their world together, hour after hour,

When one day they came across an actual house on fire!

And before Yakov could stop him, Ben went to save the day.


He leapt into the smoke,

And he tried not to choke,

And then he let out a "Croak!"

as he saw a trapped Duck.


"Yakob!" he cried, as he tried to set him free,

The wood was too heavy for a small frog such as he,

But Yakob was afraid of fire and wept "I'm so sorry!"

And it was all down to a small brave frog known as Ben.


He looked at the Duck and he said "on the count of three!"

They pulled and pushed together, and as the wood came free,

The duck scooped up brave Ben and flew out the house with glee.

And the house collapsed into the ground once they were safe.


The duck landed beside Yakob, who was still so sad,

But Ben, who was a true friend told him "Not to feel so bad,

 next time, it will be your go, my lovely doggy lad."

And the 3 of them walked off together, with laughter and smiles all round.

The End

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