Sweet Little Ben's Brand New Friend!

Here's the tale

Of how sweet little Ben

Gained his best friend


Mrs Viyachislav

A friend of his mother's

Didn't find baby-sitting

The least bit a bother


Little Ben was left alone

Not more than five minutes

Where Yakov he met

And placed a little bet


"Just how far can you jump?"

Asked the little dog plump


Ben didn't answer with words

But, rather, in actions

And he backed up for a run

But before he could leap

He landed on his buns


He got fed up and growled

Bared his teeth and prepared to pounce

And for the first time

Little Ben hopped

He smashed into a lamp

But he felt like a champ!


Yakov yelped in excitement

His help to Ben he lent

To lift him from the rubble

As his mom began to ramble!

The End

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