The Padd Family Home

Well now, the home we dwell within,

Feel free to explore, come on in!

We may be frogs, so true, so true.

But we welcome everyone - including you!

Mum and Dad and Billie and Ben,

Will treat you like family if you just come in.

Billie might let you play with his toys, (Say what?)

And Ben will share his stuff. (Kiss my butt!)

BILLIE! (Sorry,

Here's my toy lorry)


Our home, how to explain it?

No fancy mansion, no ugly hut!

A bright and cheery and comfortable place,

Unless it is at night so that isn't the case.

Then it's dark and warm and not forbidding.

So pick a room with your favourite bedding!

(We got lots of rooms to spare,

You'll find something for sure in there,

Up, up more!

Above the main floor!)


Mum and Dad, have lots of homemade goodies to sample,

And if you don't mind you can listen to Billie ramble!

(Hey! That's rude! Only I'm aloud to be rude!)

Please be aware that only the animals can go in the nude.

Now for the tour we will start right now,

Oh, and don't mind our neighbor, Koko the sarcastic cow.

(She's a real cow so we aren't being mean,

In her garden she can be seen, seen, seen.)

Come hither inside,

Open the door and get ready for the ride!

The End

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