Poems About Billie the Self-Centered Frog

Billie, the self centered frog -
(I am self centered, but I'm sure it'll pass)
He's furry, yes furry.With black stripes all down his back.
He's green except for his brown back
(And striped! Don't forget striped)
Oh, yes, they all forgot!
(I heard that)
He's cute, with little black eyes.
He doesn't hop, but runs like a dog
(I can so hop! Nerd)
Okay, he CAN hop,
It just looks like a series of belly flops.
(Ha ha. I die of laughter)
What else? He has an older brother named Ben -
(He got one eye because he got kicked out of College.)
Actually, Ben got into a fight, lost his eye, and got kicked out.
(Whatever, the point is, what about me!
They can learn about Ben any old time!
Ooo. I got more then one line)
And that's all Billie, the self-centered frog.
(That's me!
You do realise this is poking fun at you?
All about me,
all about me.
Not about you!
All about me.)
That continues on for some time, so I'll just say this is the end!

The End

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