Together Forever

When darkness comes and daylight fades,
I always drift into the same dreary daze.
Remembering the times I had with you,
Watching them melt, like colourful goo.
We sat in the meadow, I was on your lap,
On my shoulder, I had felt a faint tap.
"I love you," you whispered in your velvety voice.
"You and you only, you fill me with joy."
"I love you too," I had whispered back,
"For ever and ever, our love will not lack."
This was the time that I began to cry,
I sat and pondered, just wondered why.
Why don't you remember this as much as I do?
The memory will fly back, and it will do it soon.
You were my everything, you had my heart,
But now I have nothing, because we did part.
I held on to you, even begged you to stay,
"No," you had told me, "this is the only way."
The only way what, though?
To shatter me to shards?
Because if that's what you intended,
You came down much too hard.
"I made a mistake, the right one is not you."
That's what you said, and to me, that's untrue.
Do you realise how them words pierced me,
As if the points of the letters were knives?
You're thinking, "at least these ones were theoretical.
"At least I saved lives."
Well think again, because you weren't as deep as I thought,
See into the depth of them words, and how much they hurt.
Imagine the situation reversed,
I the heartbreaker,
You the heartbreakee - cursed.
Feel the depth of one word stab you in the chest,
That's just one: you still have the rest.
Now honey, I don't want to put you in pain,
But you were the one that started this game.
You're a player, I thought you loved me,
Your words were just lies.
When near you, I no longer feel butterflies.
Pain flits through me yet again
Everytime your presence is near, well I guess that's just men.
Or is it really? I ponder for a while,
Maybe it's just you being a mindless child.
Hopping from girl to girl like a frog on a lillypad,
"Kiss me and I'll turn into your prince."
You'll soon see when you run out of us
That as every girl walks past you, they'll wince.
Remembering that memory of you both together,
What sentence is a myth now? "Together forever."

The End

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