Just some poems that I write when I feel like it. =D

One big mistake


The eyes of haunting memories return,
The pain is excruciating, for numbness I yearn.
Fire bleeds through my veins,
So sharp and so violent,
Everything but my bloodcurdling screams is quiet.
I gasp for breath, blackness lures me into their side,
I fight against it but I only cry.
My bottled emotions are now so uncontained,
My somehow presentable state; no longer maintained.
I make sure I take advantage of my every breath,
But now, in these deep black waters, all I wished for was death.
Trying to fight was surely a blunder,
I let the harsh current pull me under.
I shut my eyes, no farewells to make,
And realise that my life was only one big mistake.

The End

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