As The Boat, Departing, Leaves

Poem number two from the workshop.

I lost the original poem of this, but altered it anyway. The only difference was that I had to make it from Romeo’s perspective of Juliet dying, and the original was of me saying goodbye to a boat that was departing with the person I loved most in it. So, this version is kind of a copy in the middle of both.


Never will I feel again

Your soft caress upon my cheek,

The smell of your cologne,

And the twinkle in your eyes.


As the boat, departing, leaves,

For the other world,

The light of Heaven glows no more;

For Heaven’s only Christopher.


I think of things to say

But only tears are on my cheek.


All skies that darken cannot feel

The pain, the hurt; to them unreal,

And life no more is purposeful.

My life-it is now just so small.

The End

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