Tell Me

Tell me all your secrets;

Tell me all those lies;

Tell me everything,

All those things you can't disguise.


Tell me every word,

Tell me, tell me even more.

Tell me all your fears

Before they knock upon your door.


Tell me if you feel it,

Tell me if you're true;

Tell me if there is a way

That you could do it too.


Tell me stories of the night;

Tell me every heartbeat;

Tell me things to give me fright-

Protect me from most harmful.


Tell me in a whisper;

Tell me as a sound.

Tell me in the loudest shout,

Or from underground...


Say this if you mean it.

Say this and it's true.

Say this in a way

To make me think you mean it too.


Tell me that you love me;

Tell me that you'll try

Tell me that you won't let go,

Or ever watch me cry.

The End

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