Why Do They Take Away My Sun...?

Oh, why? Oh, why do they torture you?

Why do they take away my sun?

Your light is whole, you’re good and brave-

So why do they act as if they’ve won

The war we see here in our times?

(The war is grave, I cannot dispute)

They capture, steal and hurt us more;

They’ll beat you ‘til you’re no longer mute.

I tried my best to hide away,

(I didn’t want to see it happen),

But, truth be told, they found you there…

They took you, my emotions sadden,

Oh, why do they dare to rip those threads?

Pluck from your head, hairs light in colour

For their amusement, and to gain truth-

Don’t let those words they want to hear follow.

Who told them this? Who took his right

To steal away my love?

Let my dagger find that heart

Who has ensnared us both just like a dove.

The End

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