No rhythm/rhyme to this one; I just felt like writing it.



These are the words that I’m shouting

At you.

I am talking to you-

No, don’t look away,

Don’t pass me up, don’t pass me along

To her. I hate her,

She’s vile, and most importantly:

She’s not you. I don’t say ‘help’ very often,

But I am asking you,

Please give me a sign to settle my mind

That will help me through

All my pain.


A human is worth the risk

Or your career; sometimes

A true friend needs a hand up from a ditch

That she’s jumped right down into.

There’ll be no patronisation,

No ‘do better next time’-

Don’t tell me to wipe away my letters,

In favour to save you

From what you hide.

I am asking you,

Please, please- please help me,

Please heal me,

With your care that you despise.

The End

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