Anya's Song

Little girl is left right handed;

Operation’s been disbanded

In the hype that life demanded,

Over again.


Pray you’ll find what others hinder,

Say they’re blind, yet, under tinder,

Burn like fire, and lies within, yes,

Over again.


There’s a world that’s made of mind;

Find it if you stay half-blind,

Or end up in thinner rind,

Over again.


Yet like fireflies, and in the skies I see your eyes.

Broken bones and lies- don’t tell me I

Have less than gumption of the rise.


Yes, it’s bright in light, and see your sight;

Don’t fight it, if the rhymes take up your time,

Then, above the crime, you’ll find that you’re mine.


Blackened bases shine like pistol

Dust; excrement of Helios’ thistle;

Say this is my final missal,

Over again.


But penance of the inner eye,

It sees the things I cannot hide;

To you, my niece, I must confide,

Over again.


Raven black, and heads of Angels

Glow about the face of shambles;

It’s force that shall not be changed, yes?

Over again.


Those flour-heads are listening, see snowflakes white,

They’re glistening, And sunshine brilliant, blissfully,

In the imber, amber starlight.


Praise everything you see, and free that gorgeous amenity

To reach the place of you and me,

Don’t douse my umber firelight. 


Pushed out of where it belongs,

At least you’ll hide from all the throngs;

Left on a passed A-track, A-song,

Over again.

The End

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