Just Like Innocence

I can’t say I loved you

With a power minds can’t compare;

I can say I had you-

At least, I thought you were there.

So, yes, I’m stupid…

But, at least I knew how to beware, beware.


I guess the signs were clear;

Everyone said we were lost;

You had to disappear-

‘Cause I was the one who loved most.

Okay, I was vain…

But I’m the one who pays the cost.




Gold dust, gold dust, slipping out.


What should I do now?



Just like pebbles fallin’ into the sea,

Just like innocence,

Everything ends, everything ends.



Sapphire eyes forward,

I won’t look at your hair,

And hear your laugh-

But it hurts when you’re not there.

Wanna put your arms

Back around me and say ‘yeah, yeah, yeah’?


(Chorus x2)


I tried to tell me I was doing fine,

But you broke my heart,

And you fried my mind;

If anytime you wanna come back home,

You just say-

And I’ll never let you go again!


(Chorus x2)

(Chorus and pre-chorus harmony)

(Fade out)

The End

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