Say It's Madness, Not Rejection

Light footsteps walk down in my head,

You slam that door again,

My dear, the light is fading fast;

Agony rears its head


I don’t want to say that I am sorry,

I’m not; feelings are no crime,

I can’t turn off the drip, drip, drip,

Flooding all my faith in you


The blinds are drawn down on my body;

To your advice I'll stay,

Like on the track my heart has formed;

Must smash those bonds away


And onward spike the words I heard:

You turned to her for help

But she has nails, and you have roses;

Save your roses still for me


Don’t ignore my crying pleas, dear,

I beg earnestly now,

You’ve poached my heart, my soul, my mind;

Don’t think our freedom is near


As madness grows, I tell you:

I’m sorry for this truth,

I’ll walk forever, follow you;

Creeping on your heels.

The End

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